The bacterial contamination of lakes and streams has become increasing problematic. This issue is now at the forefront of government’s environmental priorities and has recently received a great deal of attention as incidences of water contamination and media coverage of such events has heightened public concern.

Any investigation into the geographic locations, magnitude, persistence and sources of such contamination must involve a coordinated water sampling program within the watersheds of concern.

Bluewater Biosciences is an Ontario Company based in the Greater Toronto Area which is specialized in bacterial testing and monitoring of surface and groundwater. Our relevant qualifications include the following:

1) We produce the Coliplate bacterial testing kit which provides rapid (24 hour), accurate and inexpensive testing for Total Coliforms and E. Coli. This testing procedure is ideally suited to larger scale and geographically-diverse bacterial monitoring programs.

2) We provide professional services in the design, execution and reporting of bacterial and water chemistry monitoring programs. Our professional staff have M. Sc. And Ph. D. degrees in microbiology and aquatic ecology, with many decades of experience. We also provide training and support for community-based volunteer groups who carry out bacterial monitoring programs in many parts of Ontario, Canada and internationally using the Coliplate testing protocol.

We can be of service to your agency in any of a number of capacities:

  • Through the provision of Coliplate bacterial test kits to carry out surface water monitoring programs.
  • Through the training and technical support of your staff or others who may be carrying out a monitoring program and integrating the use of the rapid and accurate Coliplate technology.
  • Through the provision of a full service program where we would design, execute, analyze and report on a bacterial testing program focused on meeting your needs.

Over the past five years we have worked with a large number of organizations and groups involved with measuring and monitoring bacterial contamination in water.

This includes:

  • Environment Canada’s bacterial testing programs around the Great Lakes;
  • Parks Canada’s bacterial testing of recreational waters in National Parks;
  • Municipally supported bacterial monitoring programs on recreational watersheds in Muskoka, the Township of Georgian Bay and Parry Sound District;
  • Canadian and American Universities and associated bacterial water quality research projects;
  • Watershed-based bacterial monitoring by environmental conservation groups and agencies, often focusing on agricultural and urban-sources of bacterial contamination;
  • Volunteer-based bacterial monitoring programs carried out by cottage associations on recreational lakes. In 2006, over 30 major recreational lakes and watersheds were involved;
  • International Aid Organizations concerned with bacterial contamination of drinking water throughout the developing world. This includes The World Health Organization (WHO), Doctors without Borders, Engineers without Borders, Care Canada, Partners International and Africa Community Technical Services (ACTS).

For further information on our company or discussion on how we may be of service to you, please feel free to contact our professional staff.


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