Aid Agencies


Enviro-Stewards is a Canadian Engineering Firm which has developed and engineered water treatment systems to be used in developing countries.  The success of a particular water treatment project in Sudan, Africa has led to the creation of a locally operated Water Bottling Company Called ‘Revival’, where 100% of the revenue is used to benefit the people of South Sudan.  ColiPlate™ Water Testing Kits are used to screen the drinking water for E.coli to ensure treatment is working optimally and that the water is clean and safe before it is distributed to the local community.






Global Medic:

GlobalMedic is an Aid Organization which provides emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies.  A large component of Global Medic is the provision of water purification systems used to supply safe drinking water after a disaster has compromised the quality and safety of drinking water.  Our ColiPlate™ and WaterCheck™ Water Testing Kits have been used to help ensure that the water purification systems are operating optimally. 






Engineers without Borders:

Engineers without Borders has used our Coliplate™ and WaterCheck™ testing kits in numerous third world countries to test the safety of drinking water.








Peace Corps:

The Peace Corps has used our WaterCheck™ rapid water testing kits in various third world countries to test the safety of drinking water.

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