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Research and AcademicColiplate test kits have been used extensively by North American and International research institutes and universities for the bacteriological analysis of surface water, ground water, wastewater and distribution system waters.

The Coliplate method has been successfully applied in the experimental design of numerous academic research projects.

Coliplate is a preferred method for research projects which require off-site field testing especially in remote areas where laboratory facilities are not available. It is also a popular choice for research agencies and universities with sophisticated laboratory facilities.

Numerous scientific comparative studies have confirmed that the newer technique utilized in Coliplate (known as the defined substrate method) is faster, easier and more accurate than the older membrane filtration and multiple tube fermentation methods. For this reason the defined substrate technique is now increasingly being used by researchers, universities and government agencies on all levels.


Benefits of using Coliplate for Research/Academic Purposes:

Simple to use:
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • No repeat testing due to clogged filters or heterotrophic interference (commonly experienced when using the traditional membrane filtration method)
  • Ideal for projects involving off-site field sampling as no laboratory facilities are required
  • No sample dilution required
  • No confirmations required

  • On-site testing reduces time required for transportation of samples
  • Detects Total Coliform and E. Coli simultaneously in 24 hours

  • At least 30% less expensive than traditional methods
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Long shelf life of 3-5 years

  • Selective and sensitive media specifically identifying E .coli
  • Detects cfu's ranging from 3 to 2, 500 per 100 ml without dilution
  • Eliminates the subjective interpretation found in traditional methods

Bluewater Biosciences has supplied bacterial water testing kits to numerous Universities throughout North America including:

  • University of Guelph, Department of Engineering and Department of Land Resource Science
  • University of Calgary, Department of Biology
  • University of Moncton
  • University of Cincinnati, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Pennsylvania

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