Environmental Interest Groups

Environmental Interest GroupsWith recent government cut backs, funding for regulatory bacteriological water quality monitoring efforts has drastically declined. In response to this, lakeshore residents, communities and other environmental interest groups have taken a leading role in implementing bacteriological water quality monitoring programs. Such programs are essential in order to ensure that valued surface waters are safe for recreational use and in some instances drinking purposes.

Coliplate test kits are used extensively by individuals and volunteer groups such as cottage associations and their members, to monitor bacteriological lake and/or river water quality. Coliplate test kits are ideal for community-based monitoring programs as these kits are user-friendly, may be used by inexperienced/non-technical individuals and can be employed in remote areas as they do not require laboratory facilities, enabling results to be reported in a timely manner.

Over 30 cottage associations in various lakeshore communities in Ontario now use Coliplate test kits to assess bacteriological surface water quality and have established independent, volunteer-based water quality monitoring programs on their lakes or river systems.

Bluewater Biosciences provides professional assistance in developing water quality monitoring programs for lakeshore communities, cottage associations and other environmental groups. We offer training workshops with a ‘hands on approach’ providing practical and effective water quality monitoring methods to be employed. Workshops are tailored to the particular lakeshore or riverside community. Lessons included are sampling methodology and frequency, water analysis techniques and interpretation of results.

Bluewater Biosciences has supplied bacterial water testing kits to various ENVIRONMENTAL INTEREST GROUPS including:

  • Sierra Club of Canada
  • Georgian Bay Association
  • Over 30 individual cottage associations throughout the great lakes and inland lakes
  • Rotary Clubs throughout North America

Please see Water Quality Services for more information on professional services.

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